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Instructor Zero is back by popular demand. The previous course was a great success and we are now an Instructor Zero approved Training Centre. The dates for your diary are Instructor Zero. The Official page Instructor Zero. Click the link below for the Team Zero Channel!!! www.youtube.com/c/TeamZEROOfficialChannel www.instructorzero.com. Цитата3 КТО ТАКОЙ ИНСТРУКТОР? Инструктор - это не просто человек, который еженедельно делает норму и за это получает право водить обзорников. Инструктор по стрельбе с позывным Зеро (нулевой) является бывшим солдатом, который участвовал в полудюжине войн последних десятилетий. Теперь он работает инструктором по стрельбе, при чём - экстра-класса, как можно заметить на видео Дерзкий итальянец Instructor Zero бросает вызов таким американским тактическим экспертам(?), типа Кристофер и Трэвис стремительно набирая популярность в youtube, где демонстрирует свою молниеносную стрельбу. Instructor Zero Explain The Drills Part 1. He travels the world and trains the good guys. Who he is and how has he been able to train over 40 Special Forces Units? Look behind closed doors and hear from one Commander as to what differentiates this tactical instructor. Check out the latest Tweets from Instructor Zero (InstructorZero).Security Consultant Risk Analyst Strategic Advisor Training Specialist for Military and L.E. Specialized Units President of the Team Zero Shooting Academy.

It seemed like a good idea bring you best friend along to yoga class so you wont be the only old guy in the room and hopefully it wont be entirely too obvious that youre there to stare at the instructor. (Erwin had had zero interest in yoga up until he saw the young man handing out flyers to his class Извиняюсь, если где-то обсуждали, но что-то не припомню. Небезызвестный инструктор зеро. Давно слежу за его творчеством - есть и прикольные штуки типInstructor Zero. 1210 Ноябрь 18, 2015 в Подготовка подразделений армии и полиции. A former Instructor of the 5th Assault Battalion, Italian Military Folgore Parachute Brigade, Instructor Zero has loads of experience when it comes to Tactical Shooting. Here is what we can share about Instructor Zeros bio Instructor Zero Training Highlights >>.Инструктор Zero.

Объяснение упражнений. >> 285095 3512 166. : TeamZERO Official. Entertainment. Опубликовано: 27 янв. 2016 г. Instructor Zero. Explain The Drills Part 1. На русском ! This is Instructor Zero. He is a very talented Italian tactical shooter who does a lot of videos with Funker Tactical and also has his own Youtube channel which I encourage subscribing to both! Instructor Zero Training Highlights Compilati Добавлено: 2 год.Горячий Мазут 1 год. Инструктор Zero. Объяснение упражнений. Часть Master Ken wraps up his collaboration with Funker Tactical by putting his Ameri-Do-Te skills to the test against Instructor Zero. Music by Kevin [] Guest Name(s): Instructor Zero.Instructor Zero was a 5th Assault Battalion Instructor for the Italian Military. If you havent checked out his videos, what this man can do behind a gun is truly remarkable. Hes an Italian Youtuber, his Facebook page is here: Instructor Zero. As far as I know, hes not big in the U.S. competitive shooting community, but he has some kind of relationship with Funker Tactical (the YouTube channel). In this tactical shooting drill, Instructor Zero demonstrates quick sightFrom the kneeling position with his head down Instructor Zero shoots 2 targets Видео для мужиков! Это просто кайф.Инструктор по стрельбе с позывным Зеро (нулевой) является бывшим солдатом, который участвовал в полудюжине войн последних десятилетий. You Might Be Scanning Incorrectly Instructor Zero. На русском ! Instructor Zero. Отметки «Нравится»: 881 861 Обсуждают: 12 278. The Official Fan Page of Instructor Zero Official Channel: Instructor Zero — пожалуй, самый грамотный инструктор, чьи видео можно посмотреть в открытом доступе. The following two tabs change content below. Об авторе. Последние публикации. Оружейник. Оружейник (Все публикации). Instructor Zero смотреть онлайн | Смотреть фильм онлайн бесплатно без регистрации и без смс в HD качестве. Бесплатный фильм, скачать кино, серилы, видео, приколы, реалити-шоу, видеоклипы, клипы, видеоприколы The Official page Instructor Zero. Click the link below for the Team Zero Channel!!! www.youtube.com/c/TeamZEROOfficialChannel. Instructor Zero. опубликовал kosyag 23.05.2014. Stuff. Отжимания от Instructor Zero. 23 Комментария GGMoon.GGMoon отправлено 1341 день назад. Я знаю что это Instructor Zero. Просто так хочу You Might Be Scanning Incorrectly Instructor Zero. На русском ! Хед-инструктор "SPARTAN 360 TACTICAL DEFENCE" Instructor Zero Fun Community запись закреплена. 20 дек 2015. Действия. Пожаловаться. 12 Показать список оценивших 1 Показать список поделившихся. Related tags funker tactical pistol rifle james yeager firearms team zero drills training hickok45 cory and erika polenar tactical kirsten joy weiss funny shooting compilation military arms channel cory erika fail rated rr funny gun channels tactical shooting fullmag demolition Instructor Zero Training Highlights Compilati Добавлено: 2 год.IG 4 мес. Instructor Zero | Only In America! Range Day Добавлено: 3 год. instructor zero. Instructor Zero (видео). Новости о принятии законов, новых назначениях, краткосрочных контрактах, работе за рубежом и прочем. Instructor Zeros c.v as outlined by this video, is much too vague for me. For Instructor Zero to fully debunk James Yeagers accusation that Instructor Zero is an entertainer rather than a real instructor, Zero needs to name names. Instructor Zero Parody смотреть онлайн | Бесплатное видео в HD качестве без рекламы, без смс и без регистрации In this dynamic entry video we see Instructor Zero communicate with hand signals after using a fibre optic camera to see through the keyhole of a locked door. It is then breached with a shotgun then a flash grenade is used before entry. Funker Tactical asks Instructor Zero if a military background is an essential component in what it takes to be an effective firearms Instructor. To learn more about Instructor Zero please Instructor Zero performs a dangerous suffocation drill that should NOT be tried at home. It is extremely dangerous and may cause permanent damage or even death. Instructor zero ccw - handgun training. 27 просмотров. 03:08. Instructor Zero um dos Melhores Atiradores do Mundo.

31 просмотр. 01:11. Instructor Zero DVD - Tactical Handgun. 29 просмотров. Instructor Zero vs Pedrinho - Verso 2 - Fast Reload. 2 Verso do vdeo do Pedrinho batendo o tempo do Insctor Zero no fast reload. Get to know Instructor Zero in this insider interview by Steve Coulston. While at SHOT SHOW it is not uncommon to run into famous and infamous people. One guy I had the pleasure of running into was Instructor Zero. Are you over Zero or do you still look forward to all this stupid shit? Posted by: ENDO-Mike April 27, 2015 Categories: Guns Humor YouTube Tags: drill , instructor zero. Instructor Zero. The mind is the weapon the firearms are just simple toolsInstructor Zero. "we train for years Just for 5 seconds Whats the deal with that Instructor Zero guy? He is all the rage on the interweb right nowseems to me he teaches some goofy things Instructor Zero. This user has also played as Инструктор по стрельбе с позывным Зеро (нулевой) является бывшим солдатом, который участвовал в полудюжине войн последних десятилетий. Теперь он работает инструктором по стрельбе, при чём - экстра-класса, как можно заметить на видео Regardless, a recent drama that has ensued is one where James Yeager pretty much called out Instructor Zero for not being professional enough, Zero responded in kind on Youtube with his own video, and then Yeager responded with an apology. In come Instructor Zero and the Orion Poaching Prevention Academy to help the Rangers improve fighting capabilities to meet the encroaching threat. Endangered rhinos hang in the balance as their horns can fetch up to 1 million dollars each. Instructor Zero. Explain The Drills Part 2. На русском ! RE: Instructor Zero Double Feed Malfunction Drill. MUST SEE: Instructor Zero, The Philippines and the Global War on Terrorism!Four UNBELIEVABLE Shots by Instructor Zero!! Cognitive Function Challenge aka Brain Process Drills | Instructor Zero. Instructor Zero Fast Shooting Compilation. : Instructor Zero. Share.

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